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Introducing Yolocal, the best way to find security

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The website Yolocal took over 14 months and many developers, project managers and testers to build. As well as a few designers.

As someone that is a self described fanatic about web, tech and buisness it was never a question that I wanted to be involved with a startup like yolocal. It just so happened to be our very own. Many things pointed to the creation of a platform over the years. It was always where my interests lay. Although I am not a coder, or WordPress expert, I commissioned first an online job application mapper in 2011. It took a brand new applicant filling in a form. pin pointed them on our internal website, and when we needed someone in that area, it gave us their full profile.

Funny storey. I lost the password to the website and didn’t have access to it for a month, once I finally got round to getting back into it we had over 300 applications stored. This should of been a hint that we were on to a winner. However the lightbulb moment never turned on at that time.

In 2013 I commissioned another programme. bookabouncer it let clients auto pay from selected tiers of service. We received over £3,000 in bookings paid up front quickly and got blocked by our payment provider. This should have been a quick walk around but once we got paid I decided to put it on the shelf until I had more time to market it. It should have never gone on the shelf.

I created the new website Yolocal which is a completely conscious attempt to right a very wrong industry and finically be able to praise hard work, and raise accountability, reputation and reward for those that deserve this highhanded sense of exposure. 

After eight years of trading as a security owner and many relationships good and bad that just generally faded, went the wrong way or came to an end naturally, that in many ways I just wanted to be back in those moments, enjoying the job with those people. I honestly spent too many hours administrating in front of a computer. My whole outlook now was “I either want to enjoy what I do, or not do it at all”. Although the wheels have only been turning on this for a short time, and the works been hard for sure, I have enjoyed it immensely more than years past.

With Yolocal – The first security guard marketplace. We will streamline both the processes of hiring, as well as the payments. Self employment within the security industry, which is a large part of the sectors workers, should be able to gain more than standardised pay, with ever expanding payment terms enforced upon them.

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