SIA Security Guards

SIA Security Guards

Do you need to hire SIA Security guards?

We provide  SIA security guards and SIA door staff with extensive ground experience working around the London area. As a result, they are well trained to work in a range of sectors and sites, including:

Our SIA certified security guards offer a round the clock, visible deterrent against crime. With high levels of concentration, therefore an ability to judge body language, they are able to detect signs of crime or disorder,  consequently reporting them to the client (to emergency services where appropriate).

Duties our guards carry out include:

  • SIA Security guards can manage site access
  • patrolling (on foot, and in vehicles across larger sites, where necessary)
  • security checking visitors at entry points while checking identity papers, “patting down” and scanning for concealed contraband, including weapons.
  • dealing with emergencies. In addition, we can provide staff trained in first aid, confrontation management and as fire marshals if needed.
  • supervising exit points and crowd control, in other words crowd control
  • liaising with the emergency services and working in co-operation with the police, so we can report and manage incidents.
  • CCTV security monitoring
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