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With over a decade in the front line sector, established over 7 years ago Savysec security do just what they say when it comes to SIA Event Security. Providing professional SIA event security and most importantly properly trained staff. A reputable SIA Security company specialising in SIA Event Security for a broad range of Events, festivals, Theatre shows, pop ups, bars and nightclubs – delivering the ultimate in customer service, every time. We work hard on our reputation, and because of this we hold our companies ethos close to our heart when it comes to this service. 


We provide a niche service to each client based on there SIA Event Security requirements. All our staff and licensed and registered by the Security Industry Authority (The SIA)

our approach to our work is of the absolute highest standard. we ensure a pro-active, personal approach to every assignment – which means we’ll get to know you and your requirements first, and then tailor a solution to fit your needs. We are a reputable SIA Event Security company used every week by customers, we have had for years, as well as a roster full of ad hoc and on demand workload which required us to stock full time SIA event security professionals. All of which we excel in providing the right security staffing.

Previous clients of these SIA event security services are: Spotify, Toshiba triathlon, Background bars winter market, The Red gallery, Addington palace, Uber, The luna cinema, Kew gardens, Leeds castle and the list of clients goes on.

Duties include

  • Managing entry and performing body and bag searches
  • Recording entry and assisting speed of access where needed
  • Stopping unwanted patrons from entering the venue
  • Creating a safe environment so attendees can enjoy themselves
  • Liaising with DPS, clients, promotors and venue management at all times

No need to look at any other SIA event security companies.

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