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Hire our SIA Close protection Services.

Our SIA Close protection officers are certified and come with a wealth of experience so we can ensure the safety and comfort of your principle (the person that requires protection). Whether they are a celebrity, high-net individual, company director or sports  personality.

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We start with a full threat assessment, in which we determine vulnerability of your principle and the level of protection required. As well we access the number of CPO’s we have to assign in order to ensure their safety.

Our most skilled and highly specialized SIA security staff, many of our close protection officers come from military backgrounds. As a result, they combining physical strength with an ability to assess and identify potential threats in advance, and an impeccable ability to navigate in emergency situations.

Savysec’s close protection team all have:

  • SIA Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection
  • Advanced First Aid / Some trained paramedics
  • Full UK Driving License / Advanced driving certificate
  • Extensive ground experience working across London1
  • Many have military or emergency services backgrounds

Our officers work closely and discreetly with your principal, protecting and escorting them through their daily routine. Balancing physical presence and visible deterrence with inconspicuousness to ensure their safety, our bodyguards allow your principal to do their job effectively, content in the knowledge they’re in safe hands. The king of the jungle says so himself

Close Protection for high value property

In addition, SavySec’s staff can be hired to provide round-the-clock close protection for high value property, such as jewelry and valuable equipment. We can also provide equestrian security services for racecourses and stables.


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